Mr Werner Beninger
Owner, Milestones in Communication
A lot of companies need our expertise especially now. We have a lot of work and we are always fully operational. But of course, all in all we have lower sales as usual. I expect an intensive economical recession. This will make it harder for many companies.
Advice to clients
  1. Try new things - think outside the box
  2. Active communication is the key
  3. Focus on tasks that are usually left undone
Advice to staff
  1. Maintain togetherness
  2. Focus on customer acquisition
  3. Prepare for the future
Mr Julio Gonzalez Liendo
COO, Avant Garde
A crisis of non-financial origin, such as COVID-19, can have an impact on all areas , and necessary and radical measures must be taken. Companies must protect the health of their employees and stakeholders. Then, constantly and positively communicate the actions that are being carried out during the Pandemic.
Advice to clients
  1. Renovation & adaptation
  2. Maintain communications
  3. Be more transparent
Advice to staff
  1. Focus on employee welfare
  2. Ensure communications
  3. Support each other
Mr Jacky Cheng
CEO, CommNow
Situation here is stabilized, we wish the economy can recover soon as well.
Advice to clients
  1. Embrace digital marketing
  2. Don't stop marketing
  3. Show more care to employees, suppliers and community
Advice to staff
  1. Internal training
  2. Brand marketing
  3. Explore new needs for existing clients
Mr Jukka Aarnio
Managing Partner, VCA
With well-built IT-infrastructure that ensured smooth work-from-work practice, we have also created new partnerships to use AI in communications. Currently we see all business activities slowing down but we expect to see real impact of COVID-19 during the summer and early autumn.
Advice to clients
  1. Step-up communications
  2. Utilize multiple channels
  3. Step-up crisis management content
Advice to staff
  1. More communications
  2. Create something new
  3. Delegate and make it permanent
Ms Sandrine Auvray
Owner, Auvray & Associés
France, as many other countries, is heavily affected by COVID-19 that caused the death of more than 15,000 people.
Advice to clients
  1. Think the crisis as an opportunity
  2. Learn from your team
  3. Pay attention to others
Advice to staff
  1. Build new methods of work
  2. Bring convivla moments in the agenda
  3. Be creative
Ms Veronika Höber
Managing Director, Sympra GmbH
Things won't be like they were before - but how will they be? The post-corona strategy that will determine our future is based on courage. We can and we will shape it!
Advice to clients
  1. Looking to the future
  2. Involve your employees
  3. Let them know what you can do
Advice to staff
  1. Transforming communication
  2. Performing communication
  3. Promote communication
Ms Shailaja Rao
Co-founder, Skateboard Media 
The communications industry in India has seen the impact of the pandemic however the industry stands united in this crisis. All business plans seem unrealistic however there is a silver lining to the cloud. This is the time to up-skill and re-skill yourself to prepare for the future.
Advice to clients
  1. Digitalization
  2. Innovation
  3. Communication planning
Advice to staff
  1. Crisis preparedness
  2. Adaptability
  3. Tech savvy approach
Ms Anna Pelucchi
Partner & Senior PR Consultant, Soluzione Group
The situation now has shown the value of PR: providing correct information, promptly and in the right tone of voice, has revealed as a top level responsibility for companies and institutions.
Advice to clients
  1. Communicate to internal audience
  2. Reassue clients
  3. Reassure market will improve
Advice to staff
  1. Smart working is reality
  2. Clear calendar of work prospects
  3. Keep close contact with customers and stakeholders
Mr Héctor Lira Hevia
Partner, F1rstcomm Communicacion
We're coming back from this shock, this is something unique and that none of us has experienced before. This is an opportunity to adopt new technologies and trends that might accelerate the digital transformation of our business.
Advice to clients
  1. Focus on how to support employees
  2. Identity areas that's impacted most
  3. Keep the brand position and reputation
Advice to staff
  1. Close monitor on initiatives that affect everybody
  2. Send regular updates
  3. Map potential client needs
Ms Katarzyna Dworzyńska
Head of Business, PR Calling
Post-COVID-19 recovery will not be easy. Companies may need to change their mode of operation or adjust their budgets. The market after COVID-19 will not be the same but we are optimistic as more than ever, companies will need experts in communication.
Advice to clients
  1. Don't ignore the facts
  2. Have a plan but be prepared to change it
  3. COVID-19 is not the only media diet
Advice to staff
  1. Safety first
  2. Stay connected and be productive
  3. Effective operation
Ms Claudia Nunes Pereira
General Manager, emirec consulting
We believe Portugal's recovery will be on local consumption for now. By end of the year, we hope to reap benefits abroad as our country is a successful case worldwide and this should be good for our clients, especially those in the tourism industry.
Advice to clients
  1. More about people and less about sales
  2. Keep conversation online
  3. Be prepared for the future
Advice to staff
  1. Research
  2. Communicate clearly and trust each other
  3. Be present and always aware of client needs
Ms Sarah Song
Director, Integra Communications
Integra will be using this time to transform ourselves. We can see traditional way of communication would not work anymore. We have to find out what is new and what is available for us and make it big opportunity.
Advice to clients
  1. Clarify communication goals
  2. Create regular communication channels
  3. Simplify responsibilities and do as much as you can
Advice to staff
  1. Keep communicating as much as we can
  2. Keep factual updates
  3. Support all to settle in new ways of work and platforms
Mr Roberto Chaskielberg
Founder, Aleph Comunicación
Our position is that we must assume that no prophecy is valid, for the simple reason that it is not known how or when this will end. Assuming uncertainty helps us to always be prepared to adapt to any new scenario.
Advice to clients
  1. Keep working but identify what's important
  2. Reflect to more forward
  3. Continue to believe in future
Advice to staff
  1. Implement teleworking
  2. Communication as priority
  3. Trust your team more than ever
Mr Kilian Borter
Founder and Partner, open up communications consultancy
The Swiss government is doing a great job so far to prevent a rebound in COVID-19 cases. I am confident this works and will also help tourism, a very important industry, to recover over summer. One positive thing will remain and help for the future: we experience a real boost in digitalisation.
Advice to clients
  1. Internal communications
  2. Crisis communications
  3. Do fill the vacuum
Advice to staff
  1. Transparent communication
  2. Team spirit
  3. Quality in client relations
Mr Petr Lesensky
Founder and Owner, LESENSKY.CZ PR agency
I wish this pandemic would help society return to basic human values and that people would elect their political representatives on the basis of those values. We PR experts are very well aware of the power of misinformation and have the opportunity to help make the situation better.
Advice to clients
  1. Maintain good communication
  2. Re-evaluate your plans
  3. Think about new opportunities
Advice to staff
  1. Increase work efficiency
  2. Extend and innovate on service offerings
  3. Cooperate and communicate
Mr Jan Boman
Partner, Boman Communications
Prepare for a long term downturn and most likely a structural change in the economy and market situations worldwide – find ways to provide top class services and products at reasonable (not cheap!) prices. Let people know you provide quality services with long term benefits and security.
Advice to clients
  1. Outline short term challenges and negative impacts
  2. Avoid "running idle" in written communication
  3. Keep regular personal contact with key stakeholders
Advice to staff
  1. Keep close and regular contact
  2. Always do updates check before contacting clients
  3. Keep your background tidy
Ms Belinda Chan
Managing Partner, Creative Consulting Group
With lessons learnt during the SARS outbreak in 2003, awareness of local community on impact of an epidemic is still high. We have experienced the most expressive love in form of charity work by individuals and corporates, neighborhood support and care.
Advice to clients
  1. Communiate your care for people
  2. Be extra mindful and precise
  3. Be tech savvy
Advice to staff
  1. Maintain professional manner
  2. Time to innovate
  3. Build a closer work community
Ms Sharon Wu
CEO, SWEM Consulting Group
Taiwan has been able to contain the pandemic and minimize its impact on people's daily lives.Now we already more than 26 days had zero COVID-19 cases happened and start to help other countries. We believe have think positive the world will get back soon.
Advice to clients
  1. Be ready to go online
  2. Embrace brand CSR
  3. Show your care to all stakeholders
Advice to staff
  1. Remind colleagues to pay attention to personal image
  2. Run more digital training
  3. Review competitive advanteges and opportunities
Ms Pacharee Pantoomano
Managing Director,
As they say "this too shall pass,"" to make progress and adjust to the new normal, start planning today. We're here to help you share your stories.
Advice to clients
  1. Have a communications plan in place
  2. Move things online and stay engaged
  3. Communication clinic setup to address immediate issues
Advice to staff
  1. Upskill and learn new tools
  2. Create new products
  3. Create new content to share
Mr Richard Postins
Managing Director, Prova PR
We have experienced a challenging situation in the UK. Despite these pressures, we're focusing on maintaining close client relationships and responding to new communications challenges. The importance of internal communications and digital channels continues to increase, so we're preparing to focus on these areas as the UK begins its recovery.
Advice to clients
  1. Keep communicating
  2. Be considerate
  3. Use the period as an opportunity
Advice to staff
  1. Invest in training
  2. Build closer relationships
  3. Harness the future
Ms Jennifer Gehrt
Partner, Communique PR
In the Seattle community, I'm encouraged by the projections we’re seeing as a result of our collective social-distancing and shelter-in-place efforts. Our primary concern is the health and safety of our community, colleagues and peers. But we remain optimistic and look to emerge from this pandemic stronger than before.
Advice to clients
  1. Support all stakeholders
  2. Be mindful of messaging
  3. Be creative with utilizing skillset
Advice to staff
  1. Maintain your routine
  2. Leverage technology
  3. Prioritize mental and physical health